Fruit and vegetable diet

Fruit and vegetable diet

It’s a body purifying therapy removing toxins and concrements such as fat, cholesterol and degenerated tissues.

It should take 2-6 weeks.

Our metabolism changes automatically. During the diet the body activates self-repair mechanisms that restore balance, that is health. Toxins, these are factors that impair regulatory mechanisms of our body. During low-calorie diet (400-600 kcal) the body starts to use its own resources of protein and fat and removes surplus of water, destroys degenerated cells and inflammation centers as well as urate acid gathered in joints. The feeling of hunger disappears.

The body freed from unnecessary overload restores balance (homeostasis) that leads to health.

Special indications for fruit and vegetable therapy are:


high blood pressure

diabetes on oral medications

high level of cholesterol

atherosclerosis of brain and lower limbs



skin allergies


recurring infections

rheumatologic arthritis

chronic arthritis and hepatitis

degenerative changes of joints




gastric ulcer

hepatic steatosis


irritable bowel syndrome


Please consult your doctor if you take any medications to ask for permission to stop taking them.

Contraindications to follow fruit and vegetable diet:

diabetes with insulin (type 1)



adrenal glands hypofunction

severe porphyria

psychiatric diseases, depression

advanced heart, kidneys and liver failure

condition after organ transplant


pregnancy and breast-feeding

children before maturity period

taking hormones like metypred or cytotoxic agents like immunosupressive drugs

Advantages of fruit and vegetable diet

stabilization of blood pressure, it treats, that is decreases too high pressure and increases low one

dissolves clots and makes atherosclerotic plaque withdraw

regulates the level of sugar in blood giving a chance to exclude medications

inhibits creation of free radicals and stops the existing ones responsible for most civilization illnesses mainly degenerative ones

removes toxins from the body

purifies hepatic steatosis as well as concrements in joints

increases immunity of the body through unblocking of immune system

leads to self-treatment – the body recognizes and treats ill places and chronic degenerative illnesses

fosters longevity thanks to the ability of regeneration and revitalization, that is rejuvenation

purifies skin, smoothens wrinkles and burns fat- during two-week diet body-weight decreases of about 5 % on average


restores spirit and body harmony

The diet is based on vegetables poor in nutritious substances such as: carrots, betroot, celery, radish, parsley, horseradish, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, garlic, leek, cucumber (especially pickled one) pumpkin, lettuce, herbs, tomato, pepper, apples, grapefruit, lemons.

The following should not be eaten: cereals, nuts, potatoes, legume plants, bread, milk, oil, meat, sweet fruit- they are too nutritious, inhibit the loss of weight which is equal to inhibition of fat and degenerate tissues burning process.

Strong tea, coffee and alcohol mustn’t be drunk nor cigarettes smoked.

It is advisable to eat vegetables in the form of salads, juices, steamed vegetables and soups boiled on water without any fat.

It is worth emphasizing that after a few days the feeling of hunger disappears which enhances limited consumption of  food.

Fruit and vegetable diet mechanisms

Organism starts inner, endogenous nutrition which is based on elimination of tissues according to order of priority starting from removing of excess of water (swellings disappear)  next 'eating’ unnecessary resources, that is fat, degenerated tissues or focal points.

Following the use of old cells new, healthy cells are regenerated which leads to rejuvenation of the body

Pains of joins disappear which for a long period of time have been the center of uric acid concrements as well as degenerated tissues (medication remove the symptoms, therapy removes the reason)

Blood gets purified thanks to which immunity improves, old degenerative illnesses disappear.

The course of fruit and vegetable therapy

The most difficult period of our therapy are the first few days when the changes move to burning process. Sometimes patients can feel weakening, hunger, headache. Toxins dissolved in fats get to blood. Unless the therapy is stopped after two to three days all the symptoms disappear.

The first signal is better sleep, mood and unprecedented willingness to work. Tolerance to effort increases, all the pains lower, feet become warmer, skin discoloration stops, swelling disappears, polyuria appears. During the therapy there may occur so called recovery crisis in the form of intensification of symptoms which were the problem of the past. For example: we can feel the pain in the foot which was broken many years ago, tinnitus which appeared during childhood or if somebody suffered from otitis or dizziness analogically the same symptoms may be felt etc. Immunologic system purifies itself to fight against focal points.


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